The transgender community has faced a lot of problem in the fashion industry as fashion industry wasn’t ready to accept them as models. However, the transgender community continued their struggle and they kept trying on and finally, they successfully got the permission to become a part of the fashion industry. And now there are many transgenders around the world that are working as the successful models in the fashion industry.

Some of them are a lot beautiful and attractive than the Hollywood models. So, hold onto your hearts because after taking a look at these hot and sexy models, you’d fall in love with them. In this article, we will talk about the beautiful and gorgeous transgender models that are dominating the fashion industry in most parts of the world.

There are many transgender actors that are playing several secondary roles in different movies and soon they will also start participating in the movies as leading actors because their acceptance has grown a lot now. Here are the most popular transgender models that will dominate your heart in a single look.

Jenna Talackova

This model is incredibly amazing because she has a really impressive figure. I believe she has the ideal figure among all other transgender models. She became popular after an incident in 2012 when she was kicked out of the Miss Universe Canada just because of being a transgender. She didn’t step back and fought for her rights and took the case to the higher authorities.

The higher authorities forced the organizer of the show to allow her to be a part of the competition. So, she got permission and became one of the top 12 models in the competition. And the most interesting thing about this incident is that the organizer of this show was none other but Donald Trump.

After this achievement, Jenna continued her struggle and she also participated in the promotion of The Transgender Dating Site because she wanted to promote this concept among the entire world.

Carmen Carrera

Does this gorgeous model look like a transgender? This is the beauty of the latest technology. However, Carmen is not only a model but an American reality TV star as well. In the beginning, she participated in Rupaul’s Drag Race and this is where she started her carrier as a beautiful model. Carrera is one of the most beautiful and attractive transgender models of recent times. Here is some more information about Carmen Carrera.

Andreja Pejic

This Australian model became popular because of her incredible looks and beauty. She has the killing eyes and you’d be shocked to hear that she is also known as the first transgender model of all times. She became a trans after 2014 but she didn’t take enough time to become popular.